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Art Through History

Art Historians
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The mere name of this community, combined with the interests, should give a strong indication of what it is about.

However, most people judge by the biographies.

This community is not only for "real" art historians, it's for any person who feels moved and compelled by a work of art they have seen. Primarily, it is to talk and debate with other people who share a strong interest in art, and to discuss the "meaning" of the art in question. Feel free to post your favorite works of art for discussion.

Don't be confused, this isn't generally a community for one to post their own art, but I have no problem with that as long as the images are hidden behind a cut tag AND address some relevent aspect of art history.

Of course, here is the obligatory "no flaming" requirement. So, don't do that. A heated debate is fine and dandy, though.

Please be mature -- it's "nude" not "nekkid," etc. It's art, not porn.

**note -- Off-topic posts and advertisements of ANY kind (for other communities, other websites, etc.) will not be tolerated. These posts will be deleted promptly.

Also, there is to be no selling/trading/commissioning of art in the confines of this community. These posts are spam and hinder the scholarly atmosphere -- they will be deleted without notice. Thank you for your cooperation.

Also, we won't do your research or write your paper for you, so don't ask. Any posts that seem a little too "do my homework/pick my paper topic for me" will be removed at the moderator's discretion.

However, if you do decide to ask us questions about a project, have you:

A) Visited your school's library and accessed their online resources? Many colleges pool their resources to give the student access to a plethora of different sources.

B) Discussed your question with your instructor/professor? They know a lot better than we do what they're looking for in an assignment! Plus, they get paid to help you! Take advantage of this!

This community is moderated by sfumato. Any questions, comments, or other issues may be discussed with her.
aaron douglas, aaron siskind, abstract expressionism, action painters, african american art, albert bierstadt, alexandros of antioch-on-the-meander, allan kaprow, andy warhol, apollodorus of damascus, architecture, arshile gorky, art, art deco, art history, art nouveau, artemisia gentileschi, avant garde, barbara kruger, barnett newman, baroque, buon frescos, carravagio, caspar david friedrich, chiaroscuro, chuck close, cindy sherman, classical art, claude monet, clifford still, color field painting, color theory, constructivism, contemporary art, contrapasto, cubism, dadaism, david smith, de stijl, diego rivera, donald judd, donatello, duane hanson, edgar degas, edouard manet, edvard munch, egyptian art, elaine de kooning, elisabeth vigee-lebrun, eugene delacroix, eugene durieu, expressionism, fauvism, feminist art, fra filippo lippi, frank lloyd wright, fresco secco, frida kahlo, futurism, georges seurat, german expressionism, gothic architecture, goya, gustav klimt, hans holbein, happenings, helen frankenthaler, hellenistic art, hieronymus bosch, high renaissance, impressionism, ingres, italian renaissance, italy, jackson pollock, jan van eyck, jean-auguste-dominique ingres, john everett millais, judy chicago, karl marc, lee krasner, leonardo da vinci, lorna simpson, louise bourgeois, manet, mannerism, marcel duchamp, marisol escobar, mark ryden, mary cassatt, maya lin, michelangelo, minimalism, mixed-media art, modern art, morris louis, naturalism, neo-classical art, neoclassicism, northern renaissance, pablo picasso, paintings, parmigianino, paul cezanne, paul gauguin, performance art, photography, pierre-auguste renoir, piet mondrian, pointillism, pop art, post-impressionism, post-modernism, postmodernism, praxiteles, pre-raphaelites, precisionism, prehistoric art, proto renaissance, raphael, rauschenberg, regionalism, relief sculpture, renaissance art, rococo, rogier van der weyden, romanticism, roy lichtenstein, salvador dali, sandro botticelli, sculpture, sculptures, sfumato, site-specific art, spanish baroque, still life, stonehenge, superrealism, suprematism, surrealism, the new york school, titian, valasquez, vincent van gogh, wassily kandinsky, wet frescos, willem de kooning, william hogarth, yasumasa morimura, yves klein