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Contemporary art was supposed to be free from all ideological and economic dependencies and artist activate as always FRESH role model of freedom&good will. Instead we have to deal with vulgar “Social Darwinism” system applied to art process. The stronger/faster/richer “artist wannabe” become greatest/actual/successful ARTIST in “ART Darwinism” Universe. Group “SOLD OUT!” will sit on the pinnacle of “ART Darwinism” concept trying to define and defy it in the same time. How this “ART Darwinism” appeared, is it Moldova an isolated incident or a global phenomena? What artist and art scene can do about and what they actually do about?
How to battle it or to become a part of “ART food chain”?

Guerrilla detective based on events which took place during the 54th Venice Biennial. Being a missing link themselves, breeders of the "SOLD OUT!!!" group (a platypus, connection between dilettantes and professional artists, a successful attempt to imitate real artists) are searching for "MISSING ARTIST" - artists that “survive” in their practice, visions, works.

feel free to join and discuss:Film page on FB

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